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Gina Pomera August 2, 2019

2023-09-26 | 22:51:38

"My husband and I came to Florida for my mother’s funeral and upon staying at my father’s house the air went out. We got on line and searched for an AC repair company. We were pleased to read all the many reviews from this company and thought let’s call them. Boy are we glad we did!! Big C and sons came that same morning and examined the problem, said we needed a new compressor. He gave us an awesome price and did the install that afternoon. We were concerned and a bit worried due to the nature of our situation that my father and all our out of town family and guests needed to be cool. But Byron promised by the afternoon we would have cool air and kept his promise! Thank you Big C and sons for helping us during this difficult time."
Travis Schaffer July 26, 2019

2023-09-26 | 22:51:36

"Amazing service, very professional and honest!"
Ronald Portorreal June 8, 2019

2023-09-26 | 22:51:35

"They came in took my ac unit out. Cleaned it and put it back in. I am happy with their level of service. I would recommend them."
Chris Collier April 25, 2019

2023-09-26 | 22:51:33

"My mom and I experience with Big C and Sons was great. They were punctual, professional and did a great job installing my my new outside condenser. My Air Conditioner is now working better than ever. I will definitely recommend Big C and Sons to my family & friends. Reviewed by VC."
Mr. C3rtifi3d March 24, 2019

2024-03-16 | 19:30:05

"Great company"
Pablo Carpio March 18, 2019

2023-09-26 | 22:51:31

"Always a pleasure to work with Byron, he changed our AC really quick and the cost was very fair. He's been working with our friends and family with no problems RECOMMENDED"