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Chris March 29, 2017

2024-03-16 | 19:31:35

"Big C and Sons Air Conditioning is one of the best experience I've ever had with a service company, Byron is a true professional who takes pride in the quality of is work. These guys always show up on time and pricing is very reasonable, I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for an air conditioning company."
Krayz_1 Mitchell March 27, 2017

2024-03-16 | 19:31:38

"A job well done in my opinion. Technicians were friendly and I can say I'm satisfied. I would recommend to anyone."
Gregory C. March 23, 2017

Gregory C.

"Byron arrived on time and was handled my ACs problems quickly. He was courteous and very professional. Working with Big C and Sons was a really great experience. I'll definitely come to them for future help and recommend them to any friends i know having AC issues. Description of Work: My AC unit's drain was clogged and needed to be serviced."
Iris H. March 23, 2017

Iris H.

"He was able to come the next morning and he was on time and he was able to fix my A/C for a reasonable price. He was very nice. I would definitely call him again if I have problems in the future. Description of Work: My A/C was not working and my house was hot. I needed a repair right away. I called Big C to see how soon he could come to look at my A/C."
Obiora O. September 23, 2016

Obiora O.

"I had intentionally waited over 3 months after the installation of my brand new AC unit, in order to male sure that my review would be as fair as possible. I am happy to say that I've no problems whatsoever. I got the most competitive quote from this company and the installation went without a hitch. As I earlier, stated, its been a few months and the unit is still purring along nicely. My electric bills this summer have been the lowest they've ever been since I moved into my home 8 years ago and I am really pleased."
Pogo M. April 18, 2013

"I don't believe Peggy L. could have had this experience with Big C & Sons. I have had them service my A/C and do maintenance checks for the past two or three years and the service has been beyond anyone's expectations. I called the owner and asked him about this report and he said he had no idea what this lady was talking about and from what I've observed and seen on other reviews which echo my own view, I believe him. I have no doubt that Peggy L. had the experience she describes but I also believe that she is mistaken about whom she called. She does admit that it had been a year and a half since she had it. I strongly suspect that, as time passed she confused the name of the cheating company with that of the company that proved to be her "dependable a/c person.""