AC Installations in Margate, FL

Having an AC installed is no small expense. At Big C & Sons, our HVAC contractors understand that AC units are long-term investments. With the cost of AC units, like any other considerable expense, it is a good idea to protect your AC investments. That is also why AC maintenance is important to safeguard anything from happening to your investment.

The prices for a new central AC unit in Florida can range from $3,500 on the low end to in excess of $10,000 on the high end. There are also many factors that will determine the size and type of AC system you need to cool your home or office.

At Big C & Sons, our technicians can determine the best replacement for each homeowner’s unique situation. From the square footage of your home or business to its layout and design, these factors will help decide the type and style of AC unit you need. In addition to the size and layout of your home, the efficiency, output, and other AC ratings and factors should be considered.

Get the right system for your home, and get the professional help and AC and heating services you need for your next AC unit. The team at Big C & Sons can help from start to finish to keep you comfortable and cool throughout the year.

AC Replacement, Installation, and More

With the cost of AC units, it is also important to make sure you have your AC system professionally installed to avoid any potential issues. The team at Big C & Sons offers AC replacement, installation, and repair services, and we can answer all your questions about AC units.

Are you unsure about which AC unit to purchase? Do you want to be certain that your next AC unit will efficiently and effectively cool your home? At Big C & Sons, we do more than AC service and installation, and we can help you get the right AC unit for your home and needs..

Need Air Conditioner Installation or Maintenance?

If you are thinking about getting a replacement AC or a new unit, we can help. Put our experience and expertise to work for you and your home, and get the right AC unit for your cooling needs. When it comes to AC repairs, maintenance, and installation, Big C & Sons is the only name you need to know.

New Installs in Margate, FL and the Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Big C & Sons, for all your air conditioning service, maintenance, and AC installation needs. Big C & Sons has been around since 2004, and we pride ourselves on great customer service and efficient work done for our clients. We are quick and are ready to help anyone in need.

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